Logistics UK is an industry expert and a specialist apprenticeship training provider. We are one of the biggest business groups in the UK, supporting, shaping, and standing up for efficient logistics. Our experts are ready to share their knowledge to help you upskill your existing employees and attract new talent into the industry.

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Our mission
To support our members and the wider audience, assisting them to utilise the opportunities apprenticeships offer.

Our vision

  • To provide high-quality education and training opportunities
  • To attract entrants into the industry and assist progression within the industry.

Why work with Logistics UK?

Logistics UK values every customer and strives to offer all employers and apprentices a high-quality learning experience. Developing how apprenticeship standards are delivered alongside employers is paramount to ensure what we provide fits your business. To ensure the best experience, our main priority, is enrolling the right learner on the right course. Our team will work closely with you and your employee to ensure this.  We offer great flexibility and provide employers with choice modules from our prospectus to develop their apprenticeship programme.   

Apprentices will have the opportunity to attend many events we host throughout the year, including our TMCPC (Transport Manager CPC) conferences. Apprentices will also have access to our MAC (Member Advice Centre) briefings and campaigns to deepen their knowledge of the vast, evolving industry. Our e-learning platforms, publications, and resources to support apprentices are second to none. 

Find out more about our campaigns: www.logistics.org.uk/campaigns

Support and Guidance
Access support and guidance as a learner or carer/parent. This support and guidance ranges from mental health, money advice, staying safe online, and local and national threats, amongst much more! 

Logistics UK operates as a registered training provider located in England. Unfortunately, funding eligibility is limited to individuals living or spending a minimum of 50% of their working hours in England. Additionally, your organisation is required to maintain a registered office in England.
Should you be a member facing challenges in accessing the English apprenticeship system, we encourage you to get in touch with our specialist team. They can provide advice and guidance on accessing apprenticeships in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, please feel free to reach out at apprenticeships@logistics.org.uk.

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Transport Operations Supervisor Apprenticeship




The apprenticeship covers managing the day-to-day operations involved in supply chain management, ensuring activity and vehicles meet customer expectations and regulatory requirements.
TMCPC is a mandatory component of this apprenticeship.


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