Overseas Operations - Northern Ireland

This chapter outlines the requirements for vehicles visiting Northern Ireland from Great Britain and provides advice on operator licensing rules for operators based in Northern Ireland.

Updates for 2021:

  • Updated Abnormal Loads contact details.

  • Updated TRU contact details.

Download the overseas operations - northern ireland chapter of the Yearbook of Road Transport Law


  • Permits.
  • Road tax.
  • Insurance.
  • Weights and dimensions.
  • Security.
  • Driver and vehicle licensing.
    • First registration and licensing.
    • Tax renewal.
    • Trade licensing.
    • Bulk transactions.
    • Fleet scheme.
    • Payment methods.
  • Journeys to Southern Ireland from mainland UK and Northern Ireland.
  • Flagging out.
  • Drivers’ hours, records and tachographs.
  • Working time regulations.
  • Operator licensing.
    • Who needs a licence?
    • Who is the user of the vehicle?
    • Are there any exceptions?
  • Prohibitions.
  • Dangerous goods transport.
  • Annual MOT for light vans and cars.
  • Abnormal loads.
  • FTA services in Northern Ireland.

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