Local authority activities

This chapter covers the regulations and exemptions specific to local authorities, including vehicle construction and use, drivers' hours, licensing (including operator licensing), rebated fuel, testing and plating.

Updates for 2023:

  • Introduction for local authorities to enforce moving traffic contraventions.

  • Changes in permitted uses of rebated fuels that came into effect on 1 April 2022.

Download the local authority activities chapter of the Yearbook of Road Transport Law


  • General.

  • Construction and use.

  • Drivers’ hours, records and tachographs.

    • Minibuses.

    • ‘Vehicles used in connection with’.

    • Winter gritting emergencies.

  • Driver’s licence.

  • Excise duty.

  • Lighting regulations.

  • Operator licensing.

  • Testing and plating.

  • Tractors and trailers.

  • Rebated fuel (red diesel).

  • Penalties.

  • The enforcement of moving traffic contraventions by local authorities outside of London.


Operational Complexities?

Local authorities operate a wide variety of vehicles, and the legal requirements are complicated because of the range of exemptions and concessions which apply to certain vehicles but not to others. In view of such operational complexities, Logistics UK provides dedicated local authority training courses, seminars, and facilitation of member networking and a range of additional support services.