Switching to Water Freight Success Stories

There are many successful examples of water freight transportation throughout the UK. Businesses across a range of sectors are incorporating this alternative mode into their logistics chains. Freight by Water highlights these examples to draw attention to the numerous ways in which water freight can be utilised to achieve both environmental and economic benefits. Please see our case studies below.

ASD metal services' Greener Steel

Associated British Ports (ABP) Ships Timber to Troon

Canary Wharf built on Water by Water

Cory Environmental operates best practice model of river-borne transportation of London's rubbish

Crossrail - Construction Logistics and Excavated Material

New waterborne freight services on the River Severn after long hiatus

Thanks to ASDA, it's greener up North

The Last Journey of Concorde: A Special Mission for Water Freight


If your company would like to contribute a case study to highlight the benefits of water freight transportation, please contact us.