In-company training

Interactive learning 

Driver CPC training is mandatory and prescriptive in many ways, such as course duration and syllabus. However, there are differences in the provision of training services. These are some of the benefits that differentiate Logistics UK training from other providers and the value those differences deliver to our members.

Business insight

Driver CPC records are included as part of the Logistics UK Vision suite of features. This enables operators to track their drivers’ CPC progress against the expiry date of their DQC (Driver Qualification Card).

24-7 course delivery 

We think it is easier for us to change our hours of business than it is you to re-schedule your driving teams. We can provide 24-7 training availability to cover shift patterns. 

Course workbooks

Logistics UK Driver CPC courses include a workbook for each driver. This is a ‘aide-memoire’ which enables drivers to take notes and complete workshop-led exercises. The workbook also acts as a record of the course.

Electronic Voting Response System (EVS) 

Logistics UK engages drivers during Driver CPC training sessions with the use of innovative technology, electronic voting response system (EVS). This effective, interactive training method is used to facilitate learning retention and provide return on investment.

How does EVS work?

Each participant uses a hand-held keypad to respond to questions integrated into the training presentation. Feedback data is also collated via EVS and reports generated on request.

Key benefits 

  • Effective reporting

All data collated throughout the training session can be managed to produce reports on individual and group performance.

  • Performance tracking

Track individual performance or gather responses anonymously to gauge training effectiveness and identify any gaps in knowledge.

  • Time saving

Eliminates the need for paper feedback and assessment by recording results directly.

  • Driver engagement

Increases retention of information through interactive learning.

  • Proof of learning

Pre and post-course knowledge assessment helps ensure your drivers reach their highest learning potential and demonstrates proof of learning.