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Driver CPC - Protecting Company Image

This 1-day in-company workshop theory course covers the importance of company and professional driver image. It concentrates on the requirements, skills, and responsibilities of drivers and how actions, interruptions, distractions and slips in concentration can impact company, driver and other road users.

Benefits of attending

  • Confirm the skills required by the professional driver in a modern transport industry.
  • Understand the safety requirements in relation to vehicle, trailer, load and driving environment.
  • Encourage the use of techniques and technology to improve road safety.
  • Promote positive driving attitude through reflection and critique to improve driving practices and protect the driver and the company brand.

Course content

  • The importance of the company image.
  • Tip of the iceberg – road traffic incident. What effects could a road traffic incident have on the business, employees and reputation?
  • Legislation surrounding driver, vehicle, load and driving environment.
  • The driver – lifestyle and personal factors that can affect road risk.
  • The vehicle – understand the principles of the technology and equipment used in operations, including trailer and load safety.
  • The driving environment:
    • Safe urban driving
    • Hazard perception

Course duration

  • 1 day (7 hours excluding lunch and breaks)
  • Maximum 20 delegates depending on facilities


For in-company course prices please contact us at The price will include the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) upload fee of currently £8.75 per 7-hour block (subject to change at the discretion of DVSA).

Please notify us of any special requirements or access arrangements at the time of booking

In-Company Course

This course is in-company only. Enquire today for more details. Additional Learner Support: we want all learners to have the best experience with us. Therefore, if you require any additional learner support, please inform us when booking. This way we can ensure the best experience.

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