Belfast Programme Overview



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Chair's welcome and introduction


Transport Manager Calendar - setting the scene

An essential legislative round up and technical update highlighting the main topics on the horizon that you need to be aware of in order to ensure the safety, compliance and efficiency of your organisation.


A view from the Head of the Transport Regulation Unit

Get the latest updates from the Transport Regulation Unit including statistics for the year, an update on what they’ve been doing (including communication strategy), and lessons learned from the public inquiries held since November.


Interim Chief Exec of the DVA

Jeremy Logan, Interim Chief Executive of the Driver & Vehicle Agency in Northern Ireland, plus more to be announced shortly. 


Logistics UK complaince update

What has DVSA been finding at the roadside and what is it focussing on, and changing, in the year ahead?  Amendments to standards, enforcement of new laws, familiar problems that still need attention and new ones on the horizon such as advanced driver assistance systems, Logistics UK’s compliance team helps you to focus on keeping your fleet safe and compliant. 


Compliance sprint


Coffee break


From Low to Zero Emission: End of sale of new diesel HGVs and future options

When is Government ending the sale of new Diesel HGVs and what comes next? There are a number of competing visions for which alternative fuels will best suit HGVs in the future, whether electric, hydrogen, biofuel, or a mixed future including all three used in different applications. This session will show the state of development of the alternative options, whether we are beginning to see clarity emerging on which might be supported by the government, and what support there is for operators looking to move to future-proof alternatives.


Compliance sprint - Red Diesel 


Working safely with alternative fuels

As electric gas and hydrogen vehicles start to become common in more fleets these can bring new safety considerations in working practices and maintenance depots.


Logistics in changing urban centres

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Traffic Commissioner Hearings - You decide

Revoke, curtail, or just a slap on the wrist? The Trafic Commissioners make decisions at public inquiries and driver conduct hearings which balance the need for road safety with the economic impact on people and businesses. If you were in the TC's chair what would you decide?


Managing Driver Wellbeing

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Compliance sprint - Agency drivers  


Top 10 reasons for failure at test

The top items which cause HGVs to fail their annual test have hardly changed in recent years: headlamp aim, brake performance and braking systems & components all amongst the most common occurrences.  So if we know what they are what do we need to do to prevent them? 


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