irtec assessment service

irtec scheme

This voluntary scheme is developed by IRTE, a professional sector of the Society of Operations Engineers (SOE), to raise standards and encourage industry self-regulation in road transport maintenance, irtec is recognised not only by the industry benchmark of practical skills and theoretical knowledge but also the Traffic Commissioners of the UK, the regulatory authority. irtec is managed for the IRTE by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) and delivered by accredited centres in the UK and abroad to which Logistics UK are one.

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Irtec accreditation provides recognition of an individual’s current competence, and their commitment to an ethical code of conduct in the commercial vehicle, trailer and passenger carrying vehicle industries this being the IRTE code of conduct. Vehicle technicians who take irtec assessments are tested on their theoretical knowledge and practical skills and, if successful, are awarded an irtec licence. An irtec licence certifies the individual rather than the employer and as irtec is based on current competence the accreditation is a true measure of the individual’s skill.

The accreditation provides a national benchmark of skill which may be used to identify individuals training needs and can also assists employers in the recruitment of vehicle technicians. irtec can be used by individuals and employers as a recognised development path to allow vehicle technicians to further their practical skills and theoretical knowledge in the industry sectors in which they operate.

Employers can be confident that technicians are fairly but rigorously assessed through the Quality Assurance of a nationally recognised Awarding Organisation, thus providing consistency of the assessment process.


Logistics UK's irtec assessment service

Logistics UK service provision ensures that both the online underpinning knowledge tests and the practical assessment are completed at the vehicle technicians place of work, meaning that the candidate is comfortable with his surroundings using his own tools and using vehicles that the he is used to working upon. Our assessors are highly skilled vehicle inspection engineers in their own right and with this in mind candidates usually enjoy the practical sessions and develop their own inspection technique from the experience.

Logistics UK is accredited to deliver and assess the Inspection Technician Licence route for the following categories:

  • Large Commercial Vehicle (7.5+ tonnes)
  • Bus and Coach
  • Light Commercial Vehicle (3.5-7.5 tonnes)
  • Heavy Vehicle Trailer

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