Other Vehicle Inspections

Delivered nationwide by our UKAS accredited engineers, our wide ranging, comprehensive, industry leading vehicle inspections cover everything from Heavy Goods Vehicles, Light Commercial Vehicles and Passenger Carrying Vehicles.

Other Vehicle Inspections

Driver daily walkaround check

The daily walkaround check is a vital part of any maintenance system, and so requires continuous monitoring to ensure the checks are being performed correctly.

Logistics UK engineers can re-examine vehicles as they leave your premises to simulate a visit by DVSA. This aids compliance with the Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness requirements, to continually review the performance of driver daily walkaround checks. Each vehicle stopped has a check of the daily walkaround check sheet, completed by the driver that day, and then a physical walkaround check of the vehicle completed by the Logistics UK engineer. The engineer will review all elements of a walkaround check from mirrors, dashboard, and gauges, to brakes, tyres, and number plate. 

A summary report for each site for all vehicles and trailers checked is produced, along with a more detailed report for each individual vehicle/driver, which can include photos of any defects found. All management data for all sites/drivers/vehicles checked is then presented in the Driver Gate Exit Dashboard in Logistics UK Vision.


Maintenance inspection

These inspections provide in-depth visual examinations. They build upon the roadworthiness inspections to give you valuable insights into maintenance standards, and the general care of the vehicle. The inspection looks at body work, paintwork and livery, along with tyre tread depth and partially worn components.


Pre-purchase inspection

These inspections provide information on the condition of a vehicle before you buy. You’ll receive a full maintenance inspection, a standard road and brake test, plus a report on the details of the vehicle such as plated weights, test certificate details and tyre types.


End of lease inspection

These inspections provide an objective third-party report on the condition of vehicles before they are returned. Our reports will highlight areas that require repair before the vehicle is returned.


Roadworthiness inspection plus

Roadworthiness inspection plus reports on defects that could affect the safety, legality and reliability of your vehicle before the next scheduled inspection. This inspection is available nationwide, across many different sectors and for both small and large fleets. It covers all the items that make up the statutory annual test, as well as items that should be covered by driver walkaround checks. It provides you with a full inspection report and discussion with our engineer to help keep you compliant. Typical use is PMI and Audit Inspection for your maintenance provider - as per DVSA's Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.

In addition this report provides imagery which clearly identifies discretionary repair items and tyre tread depths.


Types of vehicles covered by these inspections are:

  • Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) - trucks, trailers.
  • Passenger Carrying Vehicles (PCVs) - buses, coaches, minibuses.
  • Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) - cars, vans, trailers.

Why choose Logistics UK's Vehicle Inspection Service?

Reduced risk of stops

Our vehicle inspections help improve your OCRS score. As such, almost all our customers are considered low risk operators by DVSA, meaning fewer stops and less delay to work schedules.

Reduced risk of fines and penalties

Our vehicle inspections help increase your DVSA pass rate in the instance of a stop, resulting in fewer penalties and prohibitions, less fleet downtime, and reduced costs from unscheduled repairs. Roadside checks last financial year saw a 27.8% prohibition rate.

Lowers costs

Logistics UK roadworthiness inspection users achieve a first-time MOT pass rate of up to 97%. This represents an increase on your MOT first time pass rate of up to 13% above the national average.

Protects your o-licence

Fulfil your responsibility as an o-licence holder to check vehicle maintenance provision and control its quality, ensuring the safety of your drivers and the public and reducing your risk of prosecution.


Reduced breakdowns and downtime

We make all our reports available in Vision (our in-house cutting-edge compliance platform), allowing you to manage driver and fleet compliance via a single portal and benchmark your company against industry KPIs. This lets you identify where improvements can be made, what they could be worth and can drive predictive maintenance to reduce breakdowns and downtime.

An accredited service

All our engineers are full-time employees with irtec inspection licences, and our inspections are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), ensuring only the highest standards. View our inspection method statements and certificates of accreditation here: Policies and Certificates

Avoids costly repairs

Our vehicle checks will ensure there are no hidden problems before you buy a vehicle, saving you time, hassle and money by avoiding costly repairs. 

Saves unexpected charges

Ensure a vehicle is in good order with a full service history and all equipment before returning it at the end of a contract, saving you unexpected charges.

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