Warburtons Case Study


Warburtons is a real family bakers still owned and run by the Warburton family. Five generations’ worth of expertise goes into making their products and allows them to continue a tradition of baking which began back in 1876. Today, they have grown to be the largest bakery brand in the UK and produce over 2 million products every day at 11 bakeries which deliver fresh products to 18,500 stores every morning from our 18 depots. They are pioneers of the industry and ambitious market innovators, always focused on quality and driven by values which run through everything they do. This is also demonstrated by them being one of the very first operators in the UK to start deliveries using fully electric HGV’s.

Warburtons and Logistics UK

Warburtons has long been a Logistics UK member and an early adopter of Logistics UK’s highly respected and award-winning Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS). Today, Logistics UK continues to provide a variety of services and advice to help Warburtons stay safe, legal, and efficient helping them deliver a first-class service to their many customers. In addition to providing tachograph software and compliance services, Logistics UK VIS team carry out inspections on their fleet of both store delivery and depot trunking vehicles, and trailers, providing independent quality monitoring and using our award-winning Roadworthiness Inspection Reports to provide a fully independent quality check on the vehicle and their maintenance contractors.

The benefits of Logistics UK's VIS to Warburtons 

Warburtons have long taken a proactive approach to running a safe and efficient operation, and this longstanding arrangement with Logistics UK is also highly recommended in the latest issue of DVSA’s Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness document, which is the enforcement authorities go-to reference document for maintaining HGV vehicles under the operator’s licence undertakings. Working proactively with Logistics UK and their maintenance contractors has helped to reduce costs, detect defects before failure and, in conjunction with maintenance providers, deliver MOT pass rates consistently above the national average. Logistics UK’s visiting engineers provide a detailed inspection of the vehicle and verbal report – along with any compliance advice – and a comprehensive inspection report is generated to highlight any shortcomings in the maintenance provision or in driver defect reporting standards. This can then be sent and stored electronically and analysed with Logistic UK’s unique compliance system, Vision.

Warburtons National Transport Manager, Steven Gray comments; “Warburtons has highly valued Logistics UK support for a number of years. They provide expert advice and compliance services, including their Vehicle Inspection Service which has helped provide me with an independent assessment of our fleet of vehicles and trailers that not only need to be safe and legal for our staff, but must also deliver an efficient and reliable service to our customers. We therefore feel Logistics UK is an intrinsic part of our vehicle maintenance system and reliable distribution operation.”

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