Defra Vehicle Inspections

Logistics UK offers Defra Vehicle Inspections to give you confidence in your compliance within the EC regulation. We are appointed by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as a competent body - achieved by UKAS accreditation. 

Defra Vehicle Inspections

The welfare of animals during transport is protected by the EC regulation 1/2005, Article 18 - the transport Certificate of Approval for Road Vehicles Inspections. It requires that a road vehicle, trailer body and/or container inspection must be carried out to ensure the protection of animals when they are being transported on journeys of eight hours or more.


Logistics UK offer Defra vehicle inspections to give you confidence in your compliance within these regulations. We are appointed by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as a competent body.

The Defra Vehicle Inspection includes:

  • An inspection on the vehicle body and equipment to meet the regulatory requirements required by Defra for the protection of animals during transport.

  • An inspection of the vehicle, trailer and/or container in accordance with the regulations.


If the EC specific standards are met you will receive a 'certificate of approval'. Your certificate must be carried with you and produced upon request.


Transporting live animals from the EU to GB

From the 31st December 2020, EU issued Vehicle Approval Certificates are not valid in Great Britain. Companies that wish to import live animals will be required to bring their vehicles to the UK to be inspected by a Defra-approved body. Logistics UK was approved by Defra to carry out inspections on most types of vehicles from vans to heavy goods vehicles that are available upon request across the UK.


Why choose Logistics UK's Vehicle Inspection Service?

Fulfils your legal responsibility

A Logistics UK Defra Inpsection fulfils part of your responsibility under EC Regulation 1/2005, Article 18 - the transport Certificate of Approval for Road Vehicle inspections.

Ensures animal safety

Ensure the welfare and safety of all animals being transported under your care.

Reduced risk of penalties

Reduce the likelihood of infringing regulations governing the transportation of animals, therefore reducing the risk of penalties.

An accredited service

All our engineers are full-time employees with irtec inspection licences, and our inspections are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), ensuring only the highest standards. View our inspection method statements and certificates of accreditation here: Policies and Certificates

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