Transport and distribution

With increasing pressure on service levels and productivity at a time when congestion and environmental concerns are creating constraints it is important to remember that transport and distribution is a core skill set in Logistics UK.


Transport Planning

From routing and scheduling to vehicle type, size and suitability our strategic planning team is able to review the demand and delivery requirements, assess the impact of shorter lead times or nominated day delivery services and suggest improvements.

A recent project for a major UK retailer assessed the benefits and business case for a multi-million pound investment in alternative transport equipment.


Network Planning

As businesses grow the network of distribution locations often develops in an ad-hoc manner to meet the increased demand.  We can use network simulation tools to develop a medium to long term plan for your network based upon forecast growth ensuring that the next depot, warehouse or hub is located and set up in the right location, not simply the next available location.


A recent project with a 55 depot retail business highlighted way sin which the existing network could be adapted to provide better service levels, increased availability, home deliveries and reduced inventory levels.


There are a many questions that can be answered by a strategic review of your transport and distribution network

  • Vehicle Fleet
    • Do you have the right number of vehicles?
    • Do you have the right type of vehicles?
    • Is the vehicle mix appropriate for the demand and service offer?
    • Could electric vehicles play a valuable role in my network?
    • Should subcontractors be used for certain tasks or delivery areas?
  • Service offer
    • Can I offer a better service or lead time with my existing fleet?
    • What changes do I need to make to offer a next day delivery service?
    • How can I reduce my costs without affecting performance?
  • The Environment
    • Can I reduce my environmental impact?
    • How do I serve inner city areas?
    • Can I use EVs for the last mile?
  • The Network
    • Are my warehouses, depots and hubs in the right place?
    • Can I offer a nationwide next day service from my existing warehouses?
    • Where should my next depot or warehouse be?
    • Can I improve the performance of my network?


Benefits that we can help you deliver:

  • Improved performance and delivery KPIs.
  • Improved efficiency and meet lead time requirements.
  • Reduced costs through better productivity.
  • Highlighted wasted time, effort and expense.
  • Reduced impact on the environment.


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