Workplace Transport Safety Advice

It’s fair to say that lorry yards can be dangerous work environments. Marshalling a fleet of HGVs into often limited space bays, ensuring efficient turn-around and release of trucks against a demanding delivery schedule all combine to heighten the risk to individual employees, drivers and operatives.

Workplace Safety Advice

Operators and owners are under pressure to manage these risks effectively. They must comply with strict regulations designed to keep vehicles and people apart in order to prevent accidents and legal issues. They need to ensure there is adequate yard safety management, that there are sufficient barriers, clear walkways, signage, speed limits and that people that use the yard are trained in a safety-first approach. 


To the untrained eye a busy yard can look chaotic, but to the experienced Logistics UK consultant the complexity of movements of people, trucks, goods etc can be re-organised to optimise both efficiency and safety.


The Health and Safety Executive is the body responsible for the encouragement, regulation and enforcement of workplace health, safety and welfare, and for research into occupational risks. They have produced the attached handy guide to help people involved in workplace transport reduce the chances of accidents happening. It is mainly aimed at managers and identifies some of the safety problems for common vehicle operations. Drivers, operators and their safety representatives will also find it useful.

Logistics UK's Operational Consultancy can support organisations through:

  • The introduction of a formal yard management system that integrates with a truck management system, route planning and scheduling
  • Careful observation a review of the design and layout of a yard, the flow of traffic, people and goods to reduce risk and increase efficiency
  • Re-designing and documenting the processes involved in loading, unloading, stock and warehouse management procedures can increase turnaround speed and reduce costs
  • Specifying automated truck arrival and exit notifications - electronic check in processes for example
  • Tracking violation frequency, violation cost and delays, and the use of this information to predict future safety and compliance violations
  • Yard management training courses – from shunting and reversing to load safety and dangerous goods handling and compliance

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