Truck Excellence

Set your fleet apart with Truck Excellence, Logistics UK's robust certification, designed by the industry for the industry.

Have confidence that your fleet is operating at the highest standard...

Truck Excellence

Proud of your fleet compliance? Gain the recognition you deserve...

Truck Excellence is designed by the industry for the industry and provides operators with peace of mind in the legal compliance of their truck fleet.

Truck Excellence provides operators with a route to assessing their systems and processes. The audit consists of 9 sections covering operators' licences, vehicle standards, drivers’ hours and driver and operational management.


Truck Excellence aims to...

Create a recognised compliance

Create a recognised compliance quality mark for use by members with other parties

Demonstrate consistent attainment

Demonstrate consistent attainment of high levels of compliance by road freight transport operators with the operator licence undertakings

Provide equivalence

Provide equivalence to comparable schemes and alternative means of achieving them

How does it work?

Satisfactory audits for Truck Excellence remain valid for one year from the initial audit, provided the standards and terms and conditions continue to be met. Renewal audits must be completed prior to the annual expiry date of the membership.

What are the benefits?

A cost-effective solution to compliance when compared with competitors

Gain peace-of-mind in the legal compliance of your truck fleet

Increase safety for your drivers and other road users

Obtain recognition from the industry, customers and the public for the highest operating standards

How can I find out more about Truck Excellence?

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