Tachograph Systems and Driver Management Audit


Our Tachograph Systems and Driver Management Audit has been aligned to the requirements of DVSA Earned Recognition audit standards around tachograph systems and driver management. By aligning the content to these industry standards, this audit help operators prepare for Earned Recognition and for what DVSA and the Traffic Commissioners will now expect operators to be able to produce. The audit consists of 13 sections covering driver management, data analysis and retention, working time systems and monitoring, infringement reporting and driver licence and DCPC monitoring.

This audit is designed to ensure your maximum compliance and your operation is working efficiency. Following the audit day, a comprehensive, documented report will be produced clearly reporting where systems and procedures follow the latest regulations and highlight opportunities for improvement.


What does the audit cover?

Click here to find out the 13 key sections of the Earned Recognition Audit.

Tachograph Systems and Driver Management Audit

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