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Many operators are too cautious to state they are 100% sure about exactly how current Operator Licence regulations apply to their business, but they also tend to quote adherence to the regulations as the matter they worry about the most. Logistics UK consultants can bring them peace of mind.

Public Inquiry Help

If you were subject to a DVSA audit or a Public Inquiry do you know what it might reveal?  Through a Logistics UK Compliance review, we can provide a snapshot of your current performance and where you might be exposed. Our review can be focused to your specific concerns but could go further and include everything from compliance with operator undertakings and driving licence compliance, to maintenance records, diagnostics and safe-loading procedures.  

Compliance with Operator Licence Requirements is business critical for most operators of HGV fleets. The traffic commissioners’ sanctions against an organisation that deviates from the regulations can be ruinous. Penalties can include curtailment or limiting the number of vehicles an operator is able to operate, suspension or even permanently removing an operator’s licence.

Whether recently established or long established the attached is a useful DVSA guide on the operator licensing procedures and where more information is available on the legal requirements and undertakings you will be required to meet.

  • Fully detailed action plans of the steps you need to take to ensure compliance now and into the future
  • National, multi-site audit and review capability means you receive a consistent approach across your whole operation
  • Targeted audits can be a cost-effective way to focus on areas of concern; driver licensing, maintenance, vehicle inspections etc
  • Receive a full report and documentation explaining where procedures need tightening up and how you perform against sector benchmarks
  • Logistics UK is the primary influencing body that has represented industry views to regulators for many decades.  We have unapparelled knowledge the of the rules and regulations

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