Operator Licence Audit

Our Operator Licence Audit has been designed to review management systems and documentation to ensure legal compliance with the requirements of your operator licence undertakings with the intention of mitigating risk to your operator licence.

Our auditors will review management systems and documentation to ensure they fully reflect current legislation and identify any areas that require reviewing.

A comprehensive report will be provided detailing audit findings, observations and any recommendations to support the operator achieve and maintain full legal compliance within 7 working days of the audit being carried out.


Designed for whom?

Regardless of whether you operate 1 vehicle or 101 vehicles, this audit is designed for all organisations;

  • Who are looking for confirmation of their compliance with operator licence undertakings
  • Who want to carry out proactive review of their operational management systems
  • With new senior management wanting to understand current processes and practices


What does it cover?

The audit covers 8 key areas;

  • Transport Manager and operational staff competence and training
  • Controls and compliance with operator licence conditions and undertakings
  • Traffic Commissioner notifications and communication
  • Drivers’ hours and working time management and compliance
  • Vehicle maintenance arrangements and documentation
  • Driver management: driving licence and DCPC monitoring and compliance
  • Operational management: insurance, taxation, vehicle weight and height and speed limit compliance
  • Management arrangements regarding offences, prohibitions and relevant follow up actions