Operations Efficiency Advice

One of the primary areas for Logistics UK's consultants is improving the operational efficiency of a transport function or business. Over time their approach has saved members millions of pounds in costs and increased performance. They bring a combination of deep sector knowledge, vastness of industry benchmark data, along with a completely objective view to how existing work practices need to change.

Key operational consultancy services targeting your operation’s efficiency


A deep review of process, workflow, compliance and even attitude and culture collated into a detailed and thorough report and recommendations. The analysis can be highly targeted to a specific issue and can be as deep or as light-touch as required Independent and tailored to the organisation’s needs, it will include positive observations and recommendations too


Logistics UK operates cost and other performance benchmarks across a number of activities that help participants improve on their present performance and see how they measure against peer group standards, while at all times protecting their confidentiality and the anonymity of data

Routeing and scheduling

Making the required number of deliveries in the shortest time with the fewest vehicles is the best way of taking cost out of a distribution operation, improving fuel efficiency and reducing costs. Using software and expertise normally only affordable by larger businesses, Logistics UK provides a rapid turnaround and supporting guidance for even the smallest of fleets: “How do we work around all the delivery restrictions?”, “Can we retime deliveries to avoid the parking fines?”, “What are the best routes to use given the size and weight of my vehicles?”

Supply chain optimisation

Logistics UK's consultants have undertaken reconfiguration exercises and vehicle/warehouse optimisation studies for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) seeking to answer questions like: “Are our trucks and storage in the best places in relation to our production lines and customers?”, “Can I save money by changing the movements of inbound and outbound goods in my warehouse?” and “What’s the best location for our new depot?”

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