Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Audit

FORS recognises and encourages continuous improvement and best practice within the fleet sector.

What is FORS?

FORS provides an independent review of fleet operations against a progressive framework of safety, environmental and efficiency requirements.

FORS aims to drive up industry standards by encouraging and training fleet operators to measure and monitor performance, and demonstrate which operators are achieving exemplary levels of best practice. The scheme builds on the minimum standards required by law, encourages continuous improvement and monitors new emerging practices within the fleet sector. There are currently over 4,700 FORS Accredited Operators covering over 94,000 vehicles.

FORS offers three levels of progressive accreditation: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The accreditations are awarded when an operator meets specified requirements of the FORS Standard.


Who's it for?

FORS is for fleet operators who are looking to improve their operation, demonstrate they are performing above legal minimum standards and win more contracts from suppliers that require FORS accreditation.

Logistics UK members may also wish to become FORS Champions, which is an organisation that stipulates that fleet operations within its supply chain are FORS accredited. This ensures that the safest, most efficient fleets are used, and boosts your reputation by demonstrating a focus on improved sustainability within your supply chain.

What does the FORS Bronze audit cover?

On the day of the audit, the FORS Auditor is required to see evidence of the systems and policies you have in place to manage each of the Bronze requirements set out in the FORS Standard. You will also be asked to demonstrate how you ensure your employees are aware of and adhere to the processes you have in place. Some examples of the type of records you will be asked to share are drivers’ eyesight checks, fitment of vehicle safety equipment, evidence of driver licence checks, policies, risk assessments and vehicle maintenance records and plans.

FORS Bronze Audits