European Tank Vetting

As the DGSA for the largest Liquefied Natural Gas terminal in Europe, one of our tasks is to carry out “vetting” of every tank, vehicle, trailer and driver which intends to collect gas by road from the terminal.


The companies which wish to collect gas for onward carriage by road and sea must submit full paperwork packages to us for thorough checking. We ensure that the tanks are of the correct specification and are fully tested.


The vehicles must also be of the correct specification and tested, and the drivers must hold the relevant ADR (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) Vocational Training Certificate. Any which arrive at site without being pre-registered are not allowed entry.


On site FTA DGSA Consultants were able to support the operator by assuring them that the vehicles used were safe and compliant, that all the paperwork was submitted in correct order and that the drivers were correctly qualified and trained.  In fact, the FTA involvement mean that the client was able to conduct business safe in the knowledge that they were operating a safe environment, and had minimised all possible risks to their business and employees.