The Van Excellence Accreditation

Van Excellence is centred around the Van Excellence Standards and provides operators with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to safer, more efficient and sustainable van fleets.


What are the benefits of certification?

  • Provides confidence to you and your clients that your operation is compliant with current legislation and best practice.
  • Reduces corporate and operational risk.
  • Realises cost savings through adopting best practice procedures.
  • Improves operational efficiency with increased driver competence.
  • Promotes industry and customer recognition.


All successful operators will:

  • Receive a Certificate of Excellence.
  • Be able to use the Van Excellence logo on their comapny stationery.
  • Have the option to display the Van Excellence vehicle logo on all their vans (subject to an additional cost).
  • Be added to the list of certified operators on the Van Excellence are of the website.
  • Be added to the Van Excellence Hall of Fame as published in the annual Van Report.


Who is certification for?

Van Excellence is open to all van operators regardless of type or size of operation. Operators may seek certification for their whole organisation or for specific divisions/operations; for example a local authority may opt to seek certification for its Parks Department but not its Direct Labour Division. Similarly, a national operator could choose to accredit each of its regional operations separately. Please note there will be an audit fee for each division requiring certification.


The steps to becoming Van Excellence Accredited:


To ensure all operators get the most out of our scheme, we recommend that you are fully aware of all the standards as laid out in our extended Van Excellence Standards guidance. These will be sent to you on registration of your interest. In addition, we would advise that you get the necessary support and information as laid out in our Getting Started guide.



Van Excellence requires operators seeking certification to pass a procedural audit. This initial audit must be performed as soon as is practical, but within at least 90 days of your application to join the scheme. Once passed, this certification remains valid for one year from the first audit. We will contact you at least eight weeks ahead of the anniversary date to arrange for re-certification. 


Should operators fail to reach the required standard during this process, Logistics UK will provide feedback on the areas of non-compliance and advice on how the required standards can be achieved. Unsuccessful applicants may select to undergo a re-audit on those failing items within 90 days of the first audit. If this is also unsuccessful, the Governance Group may, in the light of exceptional circumstances, allow for a final re-audit within a further 90 days of the second audit.


Upon successful completion of the audit, you will receive an audit report and details of the benefits you will now receive.

Take your first steps to becoming Van Excellence Accredited