Operated by the AA, Logistics UK Recovery Services is a cost-effective 'pay as you go' vehicle recovery service

What is Logistics UK Recovery?

Breakdown assistance for your transport is vital in business, but it can represent a significant cost, particularly if your company is running a large number of vehicles including cars, vans or HGVs. If your company does not want to take out insured cover, then pay-for-use Recovery, operated by the AA, could be right for you. Entitlement to Recovery is free for Logistics UK members; you decide which services you are likely to require should any of your vehicles break down, and your company only gets charged if it uses the services. There is no annual fee too, so no breakdowns mean no cost.

Have you broken down?

In the event of a break down, Logistics UK Recovery Members can call our Breakdown Assistance number on: 0800 581 710


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Benefits of Logistics UK Recovery

Average call-to-arrive time of less than 50 minutes*

More than 80% of vehicles fixed at the roadside*

Highly trained AA patrols with 29,000 years of combined experience

Text message updates to keep you informed of the recovery vehicle’s estimated time of arrival

What services are available?

AA Fuel Assist

AA trained fuel technicians can retrieve contaminated fuel from your vehicle at the roadside or on the forecourt

Accident Recovery

Help with vehicle recovery, repairs and processing insurance claims after accidents or vandalism

European Assistance

Available to give you year-round peace of mind when travelling in Europe. For further information call 0800 294 4733

Home Start

Extends all benefits of roadside assistance to the vehicle’s depot/overnight location and surrounding ¼ mile

Recovery (National Recovery)

If we cannot fix the vehicle at the roadside we will recover you, your vehicle and up to 7 passengers to any single UK destination of your choice

Roadside assistance

Provides roadside assistance throughout the UK

Available 24/7, 365 days a year

If we cannot fix it we will tow you, your vehicle and up to 7 passengers to the nearest suitable repairer

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Download our brochure for further information or register your interest online with our Logistics UK Recovery form.

In the event of a break down, please call our Breakdown Assistance number on: 0800 581 710.

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