Improve security with Zenloc Portable Alarm from FTA

Monday 01 August 2011

The Freight Transport Association has been awarded the sole distribution rights to the Zenloc Portable Alarm, a security device which can improve driver safety, reduce costs – possibly including a reduction in insurance premiums - and help prevent illegal immigration.

The alarm is designed to give a remote indication of attempted interference with the rear doors of stationery vehicles and trailers, and can also be used to protect plant machinery, caravans, horse boxes and warehouse or garage doors.

For many years freight companies have suffered from losses as a result of intrusions, many of which occur while a vehicle is at rest and the driver is away taking a break, or asleep in his cab. The Zenloc system is completely stand-alone from any electrical systems on the vehicle, and is simple and easy to use. The alarm is attached to a door across the join by means of magnetic clamps. If the door is non-ferrous, plates are provided with the unit which can be fixed to the door for the magnetic clamps to attach to.

Any activation of the alarm sends a coded signal to a receiver carried by the driver and which emits a loud, audible tone as long as the driver is within 200-300 metres of the alarm. At the same time the Zenloc Portable Alarm sounds a piercing tone and a high intensity strobe light to warn the intruder that it has been activated. The alarm can only be deactivated using the coded electronic key which is neatly built into the receiver.

Barry Schofield, inventor of the Zenloc Portable Alarm said:

“The alarm is designed to give added peace of mind to operators that their drivers, vehicles and property are safe and secure, and I am delighted to have awarded FTA the sole distribution rights. I am looking forward to a successful working relationship between FTA and Zenloc.”

The Zenloc Portable Alarm is available from Shopfta at £349.99 excluding VAT. Order online at or call 08717 11 11 11, quoting code 6816.

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