Keen and growing interest in FORS audits reported by FTA

Thursday 28 July 2011

Having won the tender to provide Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) audits, the Freight Transport Association (FTA) is reporting a high level of interest in applicants for accreditation of this scheme to improve freight delivery in London.

Since it won the competitive tender to deliver FORS audits back in April, FTA’s specialist consultancy arm has undertaken or is undertaking prescribed audits for around 20 companies that operate vans and trucks in and out of the capital.

Karen Packham, FTA’s Head of Consultancy, said:

“FTA won the competition for FORS audit delivery based on technical proficiency and value. The audit allows companies to drill down and benchmark their performance in terms of their drivers, their vehicles, the way they manage road risks and, of course, their operational compliance.”

The leading trade association has detected a keen and growing interest from industry in achieving FORS accreditation.

Packham concludes:

“There is no doubt that having FORS accreditation helps companies win contracts and for some major tenders having this seal of approval is a genuine must have. The influence of FORS even extends beyond these shores; we have even been asked to assess truck and van operators in Italy and Holland.

“A consistent and robust methodology means that these audits are much more than tokenistic – our audits have real teeth and we believe will only help to build the credibility and popularity of the scheme.”


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