FTA welcomes eleventh-hour lifeline given to Scottish freight grants in revised budget

Thursday 10 February 2011

Following its public disappointment at the Scottish government’s plans to cut the Freight Facilities Grant (FFG) in the draft budget, the Freight Transport Association is today delighted to learn that £2 million will now be provided for FFG in the revised budget in the following financial year.

Chris MacRae, FTA’s Head of Policy for Scotland, said:

“Following concerted industry effort, we have managed to convince government that doing away with the freight facilities grant would have been a retrograde step for Scotland’s businesses and for meeting its tough environmental carbon reduction targets.”

FTA had asked the Government to reconsider axeing the FFG in a letter undersigned by key industry leaders including the bosses of The Edrington Group, The Malcolm Group and Russell Logistics. Despite receiving news from Keith Brown, the transport minister, that these cuts to the Scottish budget were unavoidable, FTA found some succour in a meeting with Charlie Gordon MSP last week that the issue of FFG may be looked at again.

MacRae concluded:

“It is excellent news that the pressure we have exerted on policy makers and potential policy makers has borne fruit and we are delighted that the FFG, which promotes modal shift helping to reduce congestion on Scotland’s roads, has been given a reprieve at the eleventh hour. Modal shift is a hugely important issue given the Scottish government’s ambitious climate change targets.”

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