FTA calls for carbon incentives for Severn toll

Wednesday 09 September 2009

Reward carbon-cutting hauliers with cheaper tolls: that’s the win-win scenario being presented by the Freight Transport Association in Cardiff today (9 September 2009).

At the same time as calling on its members to remain committed to the carbon reduction agenda, FTA will urge politicians to reward this commitment through incentive schemes, such as reducing the cost of tolls on the Severn Crossing.

Speaking ahead the Welsh Carbon Conference, James Hookham, FTA’s director of policy, said:

“The logistics sector has already made great inroads into recording, reporting and reducing its carbon footprint, both in terms of greener vehicles and greater fuel efficiency. By providing rewards – like lower tolls – for vehicle operators, politicians can put down the stick and apply a little more carrot.”

FTA is urging its members to ‘record, report and reduce’ their carbon output as part of the sector’s overall commitment to limiting the impact of climate change. However, it is also calling on politicians to add a fourth ‘R’: reward.

Hookham concluded:

“Applying a disincentive, like the recent increase in fuel duty, may work for motorists who have a choice, but for commercial vehicle operators they don’t have that luxury. Instead, politicians should be thinking about other more practical ways of reducing carbon emissions. That’s why we’re suggesting this 4R approach and why we’re keen to develop it further and more formally so that we can make it work for everyone.”


Notes to editors

1. The Freight Transport Association - Britain’s leading transport trade association, representing over 14,000 members operating on road, rail, sea and in the air – is holding its Welsh Carbon Conference in Cardiff on 9 September 2009. Nearly 100 delegates from across Wales will hear how the logistics sector is tackling the challenges of being carbon-dependent head on.

2. In 2006, FTA launched its own carbon initiative, Carbonfta, which encourages its members to ‘record, report and reduce’ their carbon emissions. This system is now being used as a blueprint by the Department for Transport’s Low Carbon Transport Strategy, launched by the Westminster Government earlier this year.

3. In July 2009, FTA called for a rethink on the level of tolls on the Severn Crossing in light of the Government’s decision to freeze tolls on the Humber Bridge. Companies operating across the Welsh/English border are being significantly disadvantaged by having to pay thousands of pounds in tolls each year.


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