Low Emission Zone Scam

Members are urged to keep alert to possible scams relating to LEZ (Low Emission Zones) and other environmental requirements. Vehicle stickers permitting vehicles to access certain areas of cities or other urban areas should only be bought from the official sources, which are linked to the www.urbanaccessregulations.eu website.

Amongst the practices existing from some other websites are:

  • charging up to 10 times as much as the official sources for stickers – in France and Germany
  • selling stickers that do not otherwise exist – in Belgium
  • charging for services that are free from the official cities’ websites
  • simply just taking customers’ money and not providing any stickers or registration services

The first German 'diesel ban' is coming soon, affecting Hamburg. The city calls it a diesel transit restriction, it is also called ‘durchfahrverbot’. From 21 May 2018 there will be a requirement for Euro VI/6 standard for diesel-fuelled vehicles to enter the area. This is what is known elsewhere in Europe as a low emission zone with a Euro 6 standard. See here for more information: Hamburg

It is free for foreign vehicles to register with the city of Antwerp for the LEZ. There is no sticker required. Some websites can charge up to €20 for a sticker they made up. Day passes are available for the Antwerp LEZ if the vehicle does not meet the standard. But it is much cheaper from the city authority than from other websites.

Use the links from the urbanaccessregulations pages to give you the cheapest way to register or buy stickers. It is usually possible to buy stickers in different languages from official sources. Otherwise Google Translate can help you to understand how to buy them.

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Further details also available at www.airqualitypolicy.co.uk;  tel. +49 (0) 7641 9375 335 

Source:  www.urbanaccessregulations.eu