Water Council

Details of this group are only available to Logistics UK members. To find out more about all Logistics UK councils please visit our Logistics UK Councils information page.

Water Council discusses members’ views on how Logistics UK represents businesses across the maritime supply chain, including shipping lines, river and canal operators, ports, rail and road operators, 3PLs and forwarders.

Logistics UK is campaigning for world-class rail and road connections to the UK’s maritime ports, more effective government support to encourage a modal shift to maritime, and greater use of the UK’s inland waterway network for freight.



Alexandra Herdman


Emma Learn-Saville, DFDS

If you are interested in joining Water Council, please contact aherdman@logistics.org.uk

Meeting Dates:

Wednesday 5 June 2024


Meeting Notes:

Minutes from the meeting of 9 November 2023

Minutes from the meeting of 6 June 2023

Minutes from the meeting of 19 May 2022

Minutes from the meeting of 2 March 2022