Van Excellence Governance Group

Details of this group are only available to Logistics UK members. To find out more about all Logistics UK councils please visit our Logistics UK Councils information page.

Membership of the Governance Group comprises operators of light commercial vehicle fleets. The Group's role includes: 

  • Raising the professional awareness of transport issues across van operating industries 
  • Improving standards of van operation in each individual organisation by creating a forum for the presentation, understanding and discussion of transport related activities  
  • Developing and cultivating relationships between organisations with similar needs and activities to the benefit of individual organisations 
  • Providing a united group to maximise influence on manufacturers and suppliers in areas of common interest 
  • Assisting manufacturers and other providers to understand operators' needs 
  • Providing a credible platform to influence Government on the needs of van operators 
  • Developing and managing the Van Excellence Code 
  • Providing, if required, disciplinary powers in respect of the Van Excellence Code 

Dave Edwards, BT Fleet 
Sharon Mitchell

Meeting Information 

Meetings are held quarterly. Please contact Membership Support for details.