Logistics UK comments on publication of Rail Reform Bill

Tuesday 20 February 2024

Speaking in response to today’s publication of the Rail Reform Bill, Logistics UK’s senior policy advisor Ellis Shelton said: 

“Today’s announcement that the Rail Reform Bill is to deliver on the 2019 Manifesto commitments to advance the rail reform programme is encouraging news for logistics businesses that are keen to maximise rail as a mode for the delivery of goods across the economy.  Great British Railways, which will be formed as a result of the Bill’s adoption, has an ambitious growth target of 75% by 2050 for rail usage - a key stepping stone on the UK’s route to decarbonisation.  

“For some time, Logistics UK has been pressing government for a ‘whole system’ approach, that views the challenges of rail deliveries across the entire network, and the new GBR entity will provide a strategic overview that will create improved reliability and performance for freight services. 

“It is now of vital importance that the proposals outlined in today’s Bill are added to the statute as soon as possible after the general election to give rail users the certainty they require for future planning to be effective.”