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Road traffic estimates in Great Britain, 2023

The government has announced figures detailing the amount of road traffic experienced in on the Strategic Road Network (SRN) in the UK in 2023.  

The SRN is made up of the motorways and major trunk roads in England that are managed by National Highways (previously Highways England and Highways Agency) and made up 2.4% of England’s road network and carried 33.9% of all motorised traffic in England. 

The SRN is particularly important for freight, with over one third of van miles and over two-thirds of lorry miles in England being driven on the SRN.  

In 2023, the SRN comprised approximately 4,555 miles of road (2.4% of the English network). This equates to a SRN traffic increase of 2.3% compared to 2022, carrying 95.8 billion vehicle miles of traffic.

2023 SRN traffic estimates remain lower than those for before the pandemic (down by 1.0% when compared to 2019) while traffic on England’s local authority managed roads, compared to 2022, increased by 2.6% on motorways and ‘A’ roads. 

There was a 1.8% increase on minor roads overall and traffic estimates for local authority roads remain lower than those for 2019 pre-pandemic levels. They were 3.5% lower on local authority managed motorways and ‘A’ roads and 2.8% lower on locally managed minor roads. 


Published On: 30/05/2024 15:00:00


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News In Brief

Campaign to prevent bridge strikes to launch at Road Transport EXPO (RTX) 

NEW! Prevention of Bridge Strikes CPD eLearning Module  

Bridge strikes are a major risk to railway safety, causing serious injury or death and disrupting road and rail traffic.  

Each incident requires bridge inspection and debris clearance, leading to significant delays and community disruption. Daily, drivers of at least five heavy goods vehicles or buses risk such incidents.  

Network Rail research shows 32% of drivers are unaware of their vehicle's height, and 56% do not consider low bridges when planning routes.  

Who Should Attend  

This CPD eLearning module is designed specifically for fleet transport professionals responsible for managing vehicle operations.  

Ideal participants include: Transport Operators; Fleet Managers; Transport Managers; Safety Officers; Transport Operations Team e.g. Route Planners  

Highlights and Features  

Focused Training on Bridge Strike Prevention: Learn targeted strategies to prevent bridge strikes and protect your fleet.  

Effective Fleet Management: Understand the critical role of route planning and driver checks.  

Risk Mitigation: Identify the causes of bridge strikes and implement measures to mitigate these risks.  

Comprehensive Safety Insights: Gain a deep understanding of the risks and severe consequences of bridge strikes.  

Practical Case Studies: Engage with real-life examples to reinforce your learning and apply practical solutions.  

Interactive eLearning: Benefit from engaging, interactive content designed to enhance learning through multimedia, quizzes, and real-time feedback.  

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