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Logistics UK and DfT talk decarbonisation

Logistics UK met with Transport Minister Rachel Maclean MP and senior DfT officials last week (21 April 2021) to share insights on the government’s forthcoming Transport Decarbonisation Plan, which is expected to be published shortly after the local and mayoral elections on 6 May.

Maclean is the minister within the Department for Transport (DfT) with responsibility for the environment, including transport decarbonisation, as well as the future of freight, exports, and inward investment.

The Transport Decarbonisation Plan will be jointly published with a public consultation about the date for the end of the sale of new diesel HGVs. This is, arguably, one of the most significant policy decisions for the logistics sector in a generation, as it will fundamentally change the type of vehicles and fuels used by operators. Logistics UK’s goal is to persuade government to set an achievable date, and to build a supportive policy framework to enable the logistics sector to reach environmental objectives and still deliver for their customers.

Alex Veitch, General Manager for Public Policy at Logistics UK, said: “We had a very constructive meeting with the Minister, and took the opportunity to underline the issues that we know are priorities for our members. Chief among these is the date for the end of the sale of new diesel HGVs. We have called for this date to be aligned with the EU, to ensure that manufacturers are able to build to the largest possible market, and to provide a suite of policy measures such as fiscal incentives and infrastructure investment to support the delivery of this challenging target.”

Logistics UK also repeated its request for government to provide greater clarity on the future direction of fuels and technologies so that operators can plan their fleet procurement with greater confidence and certainty.

“Following our discussions with the minister, we plan to engage closely and fully with members on the HGV consultation to ensure the voice of logistics is heard,” Veitch said.


Published On: 29/04/2021 17:00:28


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