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60-second interview with Chris Shenton

Van Driver of the Year 2019

How long have you been a van driver?

I started driving vans eight years ago.

What do you enjoy about driving?

I really enjoy being out and about, seeing new things each day and in all weathers –  from sunshine to snow storms! Although a major chunk of my driving is in and around city centres, we also deliver to very remote farms and holiday homes in the Staffordshire moorlands with their breathtaking scenery and wallabies – of which I have seen one!

What makes you proud to be a driver?

With my job delivering shopping, it is helping the more vulnerable in our communities and, knowing that I could well be the only person that customer sees or speaks to for several days. I do my best to bring a smile and a chat to their doorstep and that makes me proud. 

How long have you worked for Asda?

I have worked for Asda for eight years and apart from various hire vans and the vans in [the Van Driver of the Year] competition, I have only driven vans for Asda.

Have you always driven a van or have you driven other commercial vehicles?

I used to drive class 2 lorries for a short period before I was diagnosed with diabetes. Back then you weren't allowed to drive larger vehicles with the condition and although that has changed now, I enjoy driving vans much more, so I won’t go back.

What are your hobbies?

I love Star Wars, collecting vintage items and limited edition models! My wife enjoys the movies but she has drawn the line at us naming our future baby girl after Leia, Rey or Ashoka... I am also a big follower of Stoke City Football Club, I really enjoy horse racing and perhaps most unusually, a play by mail football management game called 'in off the post'.

What car do you drive?

I drive a mk5 VW Jetta, my first car was a mk2 Jetta which finally died after 250,000 miles and I was pretty hooked on Jettas. I love the shape and the space it provides inside. I don't overly like the look of the mk6 though so I may go elsewhere after this one.

Why did you enter the Van Driver of the Year competition?

I didn't actually know I had been entered until I received the email asking me questions with the online part of the competition. My manager at the time had entered me after finding out that I was the only regular driver in Asda throughout the country to earn an A rating in every single category for all four quarters of 2018, so not one harsh braking incident, harsh acceleration or engine idling incident etc during the year.

Did you do any research or training before the contest?

I read up on various legislation, which is always good to do anyway.

How did you find the tasks on the day?

I really enjoyed them, given we drive automatic vans for Asda, it was great to be in a new Mercedes van with manual gears! The manoeuvring challenge was the most enjoyable task for me and the most difficult was the quiz.

What did you enjoy most about the competition?

It was really enjoyable to be around and chatting to a group of like-minded people from across the country who enjoy driving as much as I do. But I have to say winning was the most enjoyable thing and it came as a wonderful shock.

Where have you been on holiday? 

My wife and I went on an all-inclusive trip to La Palma in November 2019, one of the Canary islands. It was a fabulous holiday and I would like to once again thank Logistics UK and all those involved for the opportunity to do so by running such an excellent competition. I would recommend anyone thinking about entering to do so!

Entries for this year’s Van Driver of the Year close on Wednesday 2 June, so companies are advised to waste no time in entering their outstanding drivers. 


Published On: 20/05/2021 17:00:52


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