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Nearly 12,000 vans stolen in past twelve months, says DVLA

11,714 vans have been stolen in the UK over the past year according to a new report from the DVLA.

This figure, obtained through a Freedom of Information request by Ed-Lock, is a decrease in the 15,270 figure reported in 2022, but still concerning for drivers and operators alike. It’s worth noting that vehicle thefts tend to spike in November and December, so it’s certainly time to be extra-vigilant with your operation. 

Ford is the most commonly stolen van brand, with seven of the top ten most frequently stolen van models. Mercedes-Benz is the second, Nissan the third and Renault is the least targeted van brand, with only 82 reported thefts this year. 

The 10 most frequently stolen van models in 2023 

  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 313 CDI – 727 thefts 

  1. Ford Transit 350 – 713 thefts 

  1. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 314 CDI – 503 thefts 

  1. Ford Transit 125 T350 RWD – 323 thefts 

  1. Ford Transit Custom 290 Eco-Tech – 248 thefts 

  1. Ford Transit 350 LEADER EcoBlue – 192 thefts 

  1. Ford Transit Custom 270 Eco-Tech – 187 thefts 

  1. Ford Transit 100 T280 FWD – 175 thefts 

  1. Ford Transit 115 T350L RWD – 163 thefts 

  1. Nissan Navara Tekna DCI Auto – 155 thefts

Preventing van thefts 

"Stopping all vehicle thefts and break-ins is probably not realistic," says Denise Beddell, Senior Policy Manager at Logistics UK, "but it’s worth remembering the simple steps to make it as hard as possible for criminals."

Logistics UK recommends the following:

  • Don’t leave keys in the ignition or in the locks;  

  • Keep doors looked when not in use, setting alarms, immobilisers and deadlocks if fitted; 

  • If additional security is fitted, make sure drivers are trained to use it properly; 

  • Park vehicles carefully – where possible up against walls or fences, or seek well lit and busy places with CCTV coverage;  

  • Remove tools and equipment when vehicle is parked after shifts; 

  • Don’t leave valuables such as phones, laptops, wallets and briefcases on view – secure them in lock boxes if fitted, keep them on you when not in the vehicles or move them to places which cannot be viewed through windows. 

Published On: 16/11/2023 16:00:00


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