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LSIP funding will support industry growth, says Logistics UK

The £200 million of funding by the government this week to create Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) is excellent news for logistics providing the funding is allocated correctly, according to business group Logistics UK. 

Speaking in response to the funding announcement, Jonathan Walker, Head of Cities and Infrastructure Policy, urged clarity from government and local organisations to maximise the impact of LSIPs on the industry moving forwards.    

“LSIPs have the potential to support the growth of the UK’s logistics sector – a sector which underpins every area of the economy,” explained Mr Walker.  

“Employers have struggled to fill vacancies in a number of roles – including vehicle technicians and HGV drivers – for some time and it is imperative that any investment via these plans is targeted to ensure the skills gaps do not widen any further.  

“With LSIPs focused on priority industries in their areas, Logistics UK is urging local and national stakeholders to consider the importance of logistics to all industries, regardless of whether it is considered a local priority sector in its own right,” he continued.  

“The figures released in the ONS survey back up the fact that logistics employers are struggling to fill vacancies, so logistics businesses need LSIPs to lead to local skills delivery as soon as possible.  

However, as Mr Walker concludes, the industry is already taking steps to address the shortage of qualified workers.  

“The industry-backed Generation Logistics programme, supported by the government, continues to make strides in raising awareness for the sector, and we are delighted to see the enthusiasm which it is instilling in people to work within logistics,” he said. 

“Combined with the new LSIP funding, I am confident that the number of young people entering careers within our sector will grow as we continue to gain more momentum for the programme.  

“Logistics UK will continue to work with local partners to ensure that this new funding is allocated as efficiently and effectively as possible.” 


Published On: 16/11/2023 16:00:00


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