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Getlink simplifies border crossing between EU and UK

Following several months of testing with Eurotunnel's Le Shuttle Freight and ‘unaccompanied trailers’ customers, Getlink is planning to launch Sherpass in autumn this year: a services platform that simplifies border crossings for freight and the supply chain.

Working with selected partners, Sherpass offers customs and border services as a natural extension to the Eurotunnel Border Pass, which has already been adopted by more than one in two of Eurotunnel’s customers.

The re-establishment of the border between UK and Europe has forced shippers and carriers to manage a large volume of formalities requiring time, additional resources and the involvement of multiple subcontractors.

Sherpass is intended to provide a turnkey, one-stop solution that saves hauliers a significant amount of time by eliminating the need to enter information and the multiple interactions involved in managing documentation.

By centralising all the data flows required for cross-border exchanges, Sherpass offers an integrated end-to-end service in a single, simple, and secure working environment.

The new platform should be open to road hauliers and logistics providers from October 2023.


Published On: 13/07/2023 12:00:45


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P&O Ferries celebrates 50th anniversary of trade between Northern Ireland and Scotland

Earlier this week, P&O Ferries, a leading provider of ferry services in Europe, proudly commemorated the 50th year anniversary of sailing ships between Larne, Northern Ireland and Cairnryan, Scotland. 

Since its establishment in 1973, the Larne-Cairnryan route has played a vital role in connecting Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom, facilitating both trade and tourism. 

Over the past five decades, Larne-Cairnryan has operated 44 sailings per week, providing a crucial link between Northern Ireland and the rest of Europe. 

Larne-Cairnryan has increased in significance over recent years, with trade on this route rising and the two ships operating on the route, European Highlander and European Causeway, now carrying up to 3500 freight units per week and 370,000 passengers a year.

HGV Levy introduction

Following a 24-month suspension of the HGV Road User Levy during COVID-19, a reformed HGV Levy is being introduced on 1 August 2023.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) recommends that manufacturers and retailers try where possible not to advance register any levy eligible vehicles between 17 to 31 July 2023 with a registration date of 1 August 2023 onwards.  

Further information regarding HGV Levy can be found here.

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