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Logistics UK submits response to the Labour Party-commissioned Rail and Urban Transport Review

To examine how a future administration may improve connectivity both inside and between the UK's main metropolitan areas, the Labour Party is conducting an independent evaluation of rail and urban transport.

The review, backed by a call for evidence, will investigate four core themes: Growth and opportunity through unlocking planning; Clarity and certainty of policy and funding; Devolution and sustainable partnerships; and Private sector and industry capacity. 

“This impartial review is really significant,” said Ellis Shelton, Senior Policy Advisor at Logistics UK. “A comprehensive, sustainable, flexible and revolutionary approach to rail and urban transport is what the UK needs.  

“By addressing the diverse challenges in the current transportation system, the rail network must be utilised to not only enhance efficiency and reduce congestion but also contribute significantly to environmental sustainability.  

“Optimising existing infrastructure, and prioritising eco-friendly modes of transportation and freight, will be pivotal in fostering a resilient and forward-thinking transport network that aligns with the evolving needs of the country. 

“In Logistics UK’s response to the call for evidence, our aim has been to address the key challenges that hinder such progress, including long-term planning, consistent decision-making and capacity building.” 

You can see Logistics UK’s full response here

Published On: 08/02/2024 14:00:00


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In brief

Peel Ports Logistics agrees vessel agency deal with Drax 

The shipping and freight forwarder will support the arrival of all Drax’s ships – approximately 50 vessels per year – into the Port of Liverpool’s £100m biomass terminal. The renewable fuel is then transported onto Drax Power Station, near Selby in North Yorkshire, the UK’s single largest generator of renewable electricity. 

The services provided to Drax will include supporting logistics around the arrival of the power specialist’s vessels and crew, as well as customs clearance.  

“Everyone at Peel Ports Logistics is proud to have been chosen as Drax’s new shipping agency,” said Sebastian Gardiner, Managing Director at Peel Ports Logistics. 

“The agreement is a testament to the knowledge and experience of our teams, and a real vote of confidence to start 2024.” 

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