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Transport Manager 2024 - unique chance to meet Traffic Commissioners and get best-in-industry guidance

This a rare opportunity to benefit from best-in-industry advice and guidance for fleet professionals. Don't delay. Book your place for Transport Manager 2024.

Reasons to attend:

- Add to your continuous professional development (CPD) by attending a Transport Manager conference supporting your commitment as a transport professional.

- Supported by a Traffic Commissioner and get to grips with the most critical challenges facing the industry.

- Prepare for legislative updates that are rapidly changing and could affect your business.


- Discover unmissable new networking opportunities by speaking to others who work in this fast-paced industry.

- Learn about future industry trends and prepare for challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

- And much more…

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Feedback from previous Transport Manager Conferences:

"The speakers were knowledgeable and delivered their message in an interesting and friendly style – they were on our side!”

“A useful, information full conference which opened my eyes to the many pitfalls awaiting a Transport Manager – and supplied both avoidance tools and coping strategies." 

"Very informative and enjoyable, all TM's should attend"

"The Traffic Commissioner gave a good overview. The presentations were very worthwhile"

"Really informative and pleasant venue"

"Excellent sessions, with very good content" 

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Published On: 04/07/2024 15:00:00


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News In Brief

Certas Energy launches free HVO fleet balancing calculator

The online tool will allow fleet operators to calculate the cost of mixing HVO with traditional diesel to aid decarbonisation.

HVO is a lower carbon alternative diesel which offers immediate greenhouse gas emissions savings of up to 90% compared to diesel across the product life cycle.

It also burns cleaner, emitting fewer particulates compared to conventional diesel. In addition, storage is simpler because HVO has a shelf life of up to 10 years and is biodegradable and non-toxic.

However, HVO is more expensive per litre than conventional diesel, making it more practical for some operators to blend HVO with diesel, or only use HVO in some situations. For example, an operator could commit to one tank of HVO a month, or use HVO in congested areas to reduce air pollution. 

Certas Energy’s automated HVO fleet balancing calculator provides the average fuel cost when including HVO as part of the fuel mix, helping operators make decisions about how and when to drop in the renewable alternative diesel.

Logistics UK’s Deputy Director – Policy, Michelle Gardner said: “Low carbon fuels, such as HVO, are of growing interest to operators given the greenhouse gas savings that can be achieved through their adoption.

"One of the biggest barriers is the higher cost compared with diesel, which is why Logistics UK has been calling for greater incentivisation of their use through the tax system.

"This calculator offers a helpful tool to members if they are considering using HVO.”

Reece Hampton, National Sales Manager at Certas Energy said, “Trucks makes up a large proportion of road users, which means the sector can be a powerful force for good when it comes to reducing emissions. If all fleet operators committed to making one small change, it would have a big impact.

“HVO is an obvious choice when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, but many operators are put off by the cost which at first glance can appear much higher.

“The reality is, if you use a blend, or only use HVO in some vehicles, the cost difference can be negligible, but still make a vital difference to decarbonisation. 

“Whether operators are planning a full or partial switch to HVO, we can help them find out how much is going to cost, and what is feasible for their business. Our calculator is the first tool able to automatically work out these figures so we can help more businesses decarbonise in a realistic way.”

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Logistics UK and Clean Cities call for more electric van support in order to create zero emission city centre freight zones

Oliver Lord, UK head of campaign group Clean Cities has urged the government to ramp up support for businesses in order for them to transfer their fleets over to electric vans, with the aim of city centres becoming zero emission freight zones in the near future.

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Logistics UK responds to call on HS2 to take immediate action

Expanding rail capacity and improving connectivity should be priorities for the new Government, which should consider reviving cancelled sections of HS2, Campaign for Better Transport has said this week on 16 July.  The charity is calling on the government to immediately halt the sell-off of HS2 land while the future of the project is reviewed.  

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Spotlight on Wales with Logistics UK's Policy Manager – Trade, Customs and Borders, Josh Fenton

As a Policy Manager, I’m involved in our trade, customs and border policy work, working on issues related to the internal UK market, the relationship between the UK and the European Union (EU), as well as trade across the short straits in the channel in Kent.

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