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HGVC secures £10m funding to train thousands more candidates in latest extension to government-funded HGV driver training 

HGV training specialist HGVC has again been awarded a lead role on the government’s extended Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving.

First launched in December 2021, the programme has been extended once again until February 2026, with the government committing a further £50m in initial funding, with scope for further extensions.  

Helping employers upskill their staff to plug the driver gap 

HGVC has been awarded the maximum possible funding allocation of £10m to train 1,828 candidates over the next two years and will focus solely on supporting employers looking to upskill existing staff, via three pathways: helping novice drivers gain their Category C (rigid lorry) licence, a Category C+E (articulated lorry) licence or helping those with a Category C licence upgrade to a Category C+E. 

This will include businesses across all sectors, including transport and logistics, retail, waste and recycling, agriculture, construction and engineering, local government, utilities and more.  

The DfE funding offers a lifeline for employers large and small dealing with budget constraints. Under the new contract, HGVC will deliver partially funded courses.  

For large organisations with over 250 employees, the scheme offers employers a 70% contribution to HGV driver training through the DfE funding.  

For small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with under 250 employees, a 90% subsidy is available through the scheme. Employers will fund the remainder of the courses.  

Thousands trained so far  

Since the launch of the Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving in December 2021, HGVC has trained around 1,800 drivers with 1,121 now in jobs and securing starting salaries of up to £40,000. 

HGVC’s existing programmes have secured a record number of applications from women, ethnic minorities and younger people.  

“This is a hugely positive initiative that the government is undertaking and something that we are proud to again be a part of,” said James Clifford, CEO of HGVC. 

“The Skills Bootcamps have made a big difference to the driver shortage, yet there’s more that needs to be done. This is a long-term issue that requires an equally long-term solution. With this funding, we can get even more drivers behind the wheel and keep Britain moving.” 

How to apply 

The extended Skills Bootcamps in HGV Driving goes live on 1 February 2024. HGVC’s scheme is open to any businesses looking to upskill their existing staff. Candidates must have held a driver’s licence for over three years.  

The training courses are available at 60 locations across the country.  

Employers can apply at www.hgvc.co.uk/bootcamp.  


Published On: 01/02/2024 14:30:00


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XPO Logistics celebrates five-year extension of long-term partnership with Saint-Gobain

XPO, a provider of end-to-end logistics solutions in Europe, has announced that its partnership with Saint-Gobain PAM UK has been extended for an additional five years, cementing the work undertaken by both companies since 2018.  

The close working relationship and shared environmental ethos of both XPO Logistics and Saint-Gobain PAM UK have led to significant reductions in carbon emissions across both businesses.  

XPO operates 20 sites for Saint-Gobain across the UK and Ireland, including 340,000 square feet of warehousing space across three locations for Saint-Gobain Interior Solutions and PAM, which is continuing to expand. Saint-Gobain PAM is headquartered in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. 

DfT survey reveals mixed views on EVs and charging

New government research suggests drivers are split over the demand on infrastructure, with 27% saying that ‘most’ public charge points have ‘long queues’ – up from 18% in 2022 – but the Department for Transport (DfT) figures, from the latest National Travel Attitudes Study, says 26% of respondents claimed the opposite. 

The reality is the vast majority of EV drivers charge their vehicles at home overnight and, if they do charge on the public network, long queues are few and far between. 

Nevertheless, a negative perception does not appear to have a significant impact on buying intentions: of the respondents to the DfT survey who agreed that public charge points have long queues, almost half (46%) say they are likely to make their next car purchase an ultra-low emission vehicle (ULEV). 

Conversely, those who disagreed that there are long queues, just over half (55%) say they are likely to make their next car purchase a ULEV. 

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