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COP26 supplement to inspire industry to seize an historic opportunity

With the official opening of the COP26 conference in Glasgow just days away, a soon-to-be published Logistics Magazine supplement will encourage logistics businesses to seize the opportunity presented by this historic event.

In his introduction to the supplement, sponsored by Adler and Allan, David Wells, Chief Executive of Logistics UK, said: “As the UK government prepares to host the COP26 conference, the UK logistics sector must play its part in helping to support its climate change ambitions. I hope the content contained within this supplement will inspire you to seize the opportunity that this historic conference represents.”


Michelle Gardner, Logistics UK’s Head of Public Policy and decarbonisation lead, explains that while the shift to zero tailpipe emission vehicles is already underway, the COP26 community is urging that this transition must happen more quickly. While many Logistics UK members are already leaders in this space, the business group is launching its environmental manifesto on 10 November – Transport Day at COP26 – to communicate with government and other stakeholders the support industry needs to achieve net zero by 2050.


An exclusive interview with Professor Philip Greening, Deputy Director for the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight (CSRF), offers insights into how to establish pathways for decarbonisation. Greening reflects on his early days at CSRF where he tried to maximise marginal reductions in emissions, before moving onto a modified living lab approach. He also shares his thoughts on the government’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan, the phasing out of the sale of new diesel HGVs consultation and his hopes and expectations for Transport Day at COP26.


HGVs are widely accepted to be among the most difficult parts of the commercial vehicle fleet to decarbonise. The government’s feasibility studies are now exploring three main options: battery electric vehicles (BEV), hydrogen-powered vehicles and electric road systems. Here representatives from three businesses that are developing this technology – Tevva Trucks, Wrightbus and Siemens Mobility Limited – set out their stalls.


Many van operators looking to electrify their vehicles are finding that the electricity supply to their depots is insufficient to power a whole fleet. Ian Cameron, Head of Customer Service and Innovation at UK Power Networks, shares tips and tricks on how to establish demand, identify how many chargepoints are needed and exploit the benefits of smart charging.

The COP26 Logistics Magazine supplement is scheduled to be published in early November.


Published On: 28/10/2021 16:00:00


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