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Month in the media – April 2022

Operation Brock and cross-Channel delays – particularly during the busy Easter period – roadside facilities, the skills shortage, decarbonisation and the Ukraine crisis have all featured prominently in the headlines over the past month, and Logistics UK’s media team has been working hard to ensure the views of members are heard on these issues and others.

The team achieved 265 items of media coverage between 30 March and 26 April, creating the opportunity for 49 million people to see Logistics UK and its messages.

Coverage at a glance: the numbers 

  • Radio and TV broadcasts – 36
  • National online and printed press – 13
  • Regional press – 5
  • Online (transport, regional and trade) – 160
  • Magazines (printed transport and trade magazines) – 41
  • FTA Ireland coverage – 10


Logistics UK’s comments on the queues of traffic building up at Dover, following the withdrawal from service of P&O’s ferries among other factors, were broadcast on the BBC News Channel, BBC World News, BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio Surrey, and published on the BBC website. Interviews were organised with BBC Radio 5 Live, ITV Meridian and BBC Radio Kent on the situation, and a quote published in the Daily Telegraph. In the week leading up to Easter, with long queues of traffic heading for Dover, Logistics UK called for an urgent review of Operation Brock, raising humanitarian concerns over the lack of facilities for queuing drivers. Interviews were placed with BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, ITV Meridian News, BBC Radio Kent and KMFM. Logistics UK was also quoted on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 and five regional radio stations, and in articles on the Daily Express, Telegraph, Guardian, Yahoo!, MSN and BBC websites, and in the print and online versions of the Financial Times. BBC reporter Simon Jones tweeted about Logistics UK’s press release and quoted from it on BBC South East's lunchtime and evening news.


Logistics UK contributed comments to a government announcement of £20 million of investment to improve roadside facilities for HGV drivers, as well as issuing its own press release welcoming it as a positive step forward for industry, especially with members reporting that the lack of suitable facilities is one of the main barriers to recruitment. As well as being published on GOV.UK and the Press Association, the comments featured across approximately 30 regional and transport titles


The press team will continue monitoring ongoing supply chain challenges and take every opportunity to ensure the views of members are heard in the media. The team is working on plans to maximise publicity for two major Logistics UK reports to be published in May – The Logistics Report 2022 and The Net Zero Report 2022 – and will continue planning for the Future Logistics Conference and Van Driver of the Year competition, both of which will take place at ITT Hub in May.

Have you got a story?  If you are keen to speak to the media about a pressing issue – from Brexit readiness to skills shortages, urban restrictions to future logistics – or to shout about some of the great work your organisation is doing, we would love to hear from you.  We are also keen to hear from those with personal achievements to shout about – maybe moving a very unusual load, staff members who have received special awards or with unusual hobbies or expertise.  And as always, the media is keen to talk to women working across the industry – we are particularly on the lookout for female drivers who are happy to talk to the press. Please contact Eleanor, Freya or Jackie in the media team at press.office@logistics.org.uk – we look forward to hearing from you!      


Published On: 28/04/2022 16:00:40


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