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Don’t delay, get control of customs

With the end of the transition period for import customs checks from the EU fast approaching, businesses need to be aware of the new procedures to make sure everything goes smoothly when they want to bring goods into the UK.

From 1 January 2022, customs declarations deferments come to an end unless you have an authorisation from HMRC to defer duty, and so you’ll now need paperwork in place so goods are cleared and can reach their destination.

There will be full customs controls at the border, with the UK coming into line with most EU procedures. Import declarations must be in place before vehicles will be allowed to board vessels heading to the UK. 

There are further changes if you import Products of Animal Origin (POAO), low-risk animal by-products not for human consumption (ABP) and High Risk Food Not Of Animal Origin (HRFNAO). You’ll need to enter details into the government’s new system called IPAFFS (Import of Products, Animal, Food and Feed System), at least four hours before arrival into the UK.


Border Control Posts (BCP) are under construction across the UK, ready for when physical checks on goods take place from July next year.

This means that from July if you’re bringing animals or animal products into the UK you’ll need to enter a port with an appropriate BCP to deal with your goods. Just search for ‘BCP’ on gov.uk to find out more.


So for many businesses there’s a lot going on, and new processes you need to be aware of before the end of the year. This means appointing the right agent to handle your customs paperwork can make all the difference to your business, both import and export.

Whether you’re importing an aircraft engine, fresh flowers, textiles, medical supplies and more, Portico customs agency can offer comprehensive advice on all regimes and processes. This includes preferences and relevant taxes and duties.


Portico has been involved in trialling the government’s new software IPAFFS, which replaces PEACH and Traces. As early adopters, it has found it more user friendly, and is looking forward to when it’s officially rolled out.

As an authorised HMRC agent, Portico is able to complete NES and NCTS for export declarations. Its experienced team has diverse knowledge regarding customs requirements and clearance. Whether goods arrive on a container, truck, plane, deep sea cargo or European ro-ro, Portico can help.

It is also AEO accredited, meaning it can process paperwork faster and benefit from priority clearance, meaning a lower risk score. This may reduce the number of checks customs carry out on your documents and goods.

Portico is not fazed by these changes. As an experienced agency that has been dealing with goods from outside the EU for over 30 years, it knows how the full customs service operates.

Don’t delay, get control of customs by getting in touch with Portico today.


Published On: 25/11/2021 16:00:45


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