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Generation Logistics case study: Callum Brough, Site Manager, GXO

โ€œI โ€˜fellโ€™ into logistics almost seven years ago not knowing what I wanted to do," says Callum. "After various roles within GXO I was given the opportunity to take the position as Site Manager, a position with a lot of opportunities for development.โ€

Sometimes people find a career in logistics by searching for a job that perfectly fits their skills and ambitions. And sometimes, a career in logistics just finds them. For Callum, it was the latter.

Callum started his logistics journey at 19, as a Junior Transport Operator with no previous industry experience or knowledge.

Over the following four years he progressed to Transport Operator, Contract Manager then Shift Manager - at 24 years old, the youngest to achieve that role on site. But how?

“From a young age I was always able to adapt depending on the situation. I find that this is an important tool to have as you need to be able to adapt your approach and delivery depending on who you are talking with.”

Alongside clear communication, Callum’s determination, ambition, adaptability and confidence have helped him progress through a career that required no specific qualifications or experience. Just a willingness to grow and learn.

Callum has now put himself forward for training courses such as ILM Leadership & Management level 3 and in-house ADR awareness, and undertook an OCR Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) international course, gaining his International CPC licence.

Published On: 24/08/2023 13:00:00


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