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12 top wins – 2021

Highlights of top wins achieved by Logistics UK's policy team in 2021.

1. MOT testing restrictions – road 

Following Logistics UK’s campaign, the DVSA agreed to change its position and to allow Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) to accept all appointment requests, subject to test availability. This allows members more flexibility in obtaining MOT test appointments at times that suit them. 

2. Scottish Transport Project Review 2 – road, rail, air, water 

As a result of Logistics UK’s participation in workshops and conversations with Transport Scotland and the Scottish Government, freight will have a more important role within the publication of the Scottish Transport Project Review. There are now numerous freight projects recommended across all modes of transport which take into consideration investment for new and existing infrastructure. 

3. Extension of express parcel waiver – GB to NI 

Members were not prepared for the volume of declarations (up to thousands per day for some members), so Logistics UK corresponded with Ministers and civil servants to secure a waiver from any customs controls for all business to consumer parcels until 1 April 2021. Subsequently, the waiver was extended to 2022. 

4. New trading relationship with the EU – road, rail, air and shippers

Following Logistics UK’s campaigning with the European Parliament, MEPs of the trade and foreign affairs committees voted to approve the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) to be ratified by the European Parliament, thus paving the way for the permanent application of the TCA. 

5. Apprenticeship funding – road 

By engaging directly with Ministers, officials and the media, Logistics UK played an instrumental role in achieving a higher funding band for the new LGV Driver Apprenticeship standard which will benefit the whole industry. The funding has been confirmed at £7,000 rather than the proposed £6,000. 

6. Opening of ATF applications – road  

Following Logistics UK’s challenges to the DfT Testing Review, DVSA agreed to open the application process to accept additional Authorised Testing Facilities (ATFs) following Logistics UK’s engagement with the Competition and Markets Authority, the DfT’s Testing Review and DVSA. This allowed additional capacity for MOT tests, which members have consistently raised as a hindrance on their businesses. 

7. Phase-out of non-zero tailpipe emission HGVs – road 

Logistics UK engaged at a ministerial and official level regarding the government’s plans on phasing out the sale of non-zero emission HGVs. Engagement earlier in the year ensured that the proposals on phase-out dates broadly matched member views. While insight into the contents of the consultation allowed Logistics UK to seek members’ views and quickly agree on a formal response, such as its position calling for appropriate low carbon fuelled HGVs vehicles to be permitted to be sold past the proposed phase-out dates.  

8. Longer Semi-trailer (LST) Trial – road 

Logistics UK challenged the overly-bureaucratic proposals in the consultation on ending the trial phase of LST’s and how the first stage of their introduction to market should be managed. DfT acknowledged and quoted a number of Logistics UK’s comments in its response and has taken a lightened approach to its preferred method of ending the trial. 

9. Level 2 skills – road 

Following ongoing engagement with DfE, combined with a Logistics UK-sponsored fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference and our consultation on the National Skills Fund, the DfE announced it will be introducing £10 million of funding for Skills Bootcamps in HGV driving to train 5,000 new drivers. 

10. Helping avoid traffic disruptions in Glasgow during COP climate change summit  road 

Logistics UK successfully hosted a tailored, informative webinar to support over 70 of our members in advance of traffic disruption caused by COP26 in Glasgow. To deliver this, Logistics UK worked closely with key partners, including Police Scotland, Transport Scotland and Glasgow City Council to thoroughly prepare members for the impact of the internationally attended event.  

11. HGV MOT test availability  road 

Logistics UK worked closely with DVSA to prevent a serious backlog of HGV MOT test availability following the issuing of MOT Certificates of Temporary Exemption (CTE) to commercial vehicles in 2020. Logistics UK influenced the agency to identify and adopt viable options to prevent a backlog of tests, including procuring additional hours from existing examiners and deploying other trained examiners to MOT tests. The result of Logistics UK’s intervention has enabled effective mitigation and meeting MOT test capacity.   

12. Inclusion of A75 in connectivity recommendations  

Logistics UK has long campaigned for infrastructural improvements to be made to the A75, to make it safer and more reliable. After Logistics UK’s engagement with government, the Chair of the Union Connectivity Review (UCR) and the media, the UCR included sections of the A75 in its list of recommended infrastructure projects. 


Published On: 23/12/2021 16:00:02


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