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Cut through customs chaos: CNS's software empowers businesses to focus on growth

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Simplifying Customs Declarations in a Complex World The intricate and ever-changing landscape of global trade regulations can make customs declarations a significant bottleneck for businesses. The time and resources spent navigating complex paperwork can hinder growth and lead to unnecessary delays.

Community Network Services (CNS) tackles this challenge head-on with its innovative cloud-based Customs Declaration Management System (CDMS). This user-centric platform streamlines the entire customs process, allowing businesses to focus on what truly matters: growth.

Your declaration, our assurance: The CDMS promise

CNS's CDMS goes beyond simply automating tasks. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to transform how businesses approach customs:

Hassle-free digital transition: Access the latest and fastest technology out there. Ditch the costly, old-fashioned and time-consuming on-premise installations. The cloud-based CDMS ensures a smooth registration process and eliminates setup hurdles and added burden of infrastructure maintenance and system upgrades.

Simplified and compliant declarations: CNS integrates directly with HMRC’s CDS systems, ensuring seamless workflow regardless of your existing infrastructure. CDMS simplifies the declaration process, saving you valuable time while guaranteeing compliance with the latest regulations.

Accessibility and collaboration: With CDMS's online system, your teams can access and collaborate on declarations seamlessly, regardless of location or department.  Guided User Experience: Intuitive dashboards and tooltips make CDMS user-friendly, even for those new to the system.

Automated and error-free: Robust APIs ensure smooth data flow, minimizing manual entries and the risk of errors. Let technology handle the heavy lifting and guarantee accuracy.

Unified documentation storage: CNS streamlines document management, storing all supporting documents alongside their respective declarations. This ensures a transparent and easily accessible audit trail.

Linking safety & security (GB S&S) and pre-lodgement

The CDMS also links to CNS’s latest cross-border products, safety and security declarations and pre-lodgement – an effortless fast-track to GMR’s & PBN’s.

A paradigm shift in customs declarations

CNS's CDMS is more than just a software solution – it's a paradigm shift in the way businesses approach customs declarations. By transforming this traditionally complex process into a simple, efficient workflow, CDMS empowers businesses to focus on growth and unlock new levels of efficiency in the ever-evolving global trade environment.

Experience the CNS difference today. Start simplifying your customs declarations and unlock a new era of growth for your business.

Contact the CNS commercial team to request further information or a demonstration: getonboard@cnsonline.net

Tel: +44 (0) 23 8079 9601

Published On: 20/06/2024 14:00:00


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