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Webinar to discuss next steps for air freight

A webinar tackling the crucial question: ‘What next for UK air freight in a post-Brexit world?’ will be held next Wednesday (24 February 2021) and is free for all Logistics UK members to attend.

Logistics UK has joined forces with Aberdeen Standard Investments’ AIPUT (Airport Industrial Property Unit Trust) to host this vital discussion on the future opportunities and challenges for UK air freight.


Leading the discussion will be an expert panel which will include: Elizabeth de Jong, Director of Policy for Logistics UK, Nick Smith, Fund Manager, AIPUT, Stephen Harvey, Group Head of Cargo & General Aviation, East Midlands Airport (Manchester Airport Group), plus senior representatives from the Department for Transport (DfT) and air freight companies.

They will be looking at what actions will be needed in the coming years for the sector to maximise its contribution to the future growth of UK plc as an outward-facing economy, working closely with, but no longer part of the EU.


The aim is for the debate to be as interactive as possible, with panellists' presentations to be followed by a facility for attendees to ask questions of the panel members and introduce new themes during the course of the webinar.


The discussion will cover a broad range of issues, from government and regulatory action to the desirability of Freeport designations based on airports. It will also examine the potential impact of technical innovation, including digitisation and automation, sustainable growth and the rationale for the creation of ‘Innovation Districts’ on or near the UK’s major airfreight hubs.


AIPUT and Logistics UK will use the content and outcomes of the discussions to form the basis of a call to action, setting out an industry view on how UK air freight needs to evolve in the years ahead, with an action plan on how the government, regulators and industry leaders should collaborate in delivering future success.

Elizabeth de Jong, Logistics UK’s Director of Policy, said: “We are delighted to be hosting this webinar in partnership with AIPUT. While air freight capacity has fallen, the air freight industry has sustained operations through the COVID-19 pandemic, which hit the passenger side of the industry extremely hard. However, in a post-Brexit world we are keen to explore what the future opportunities and challenges are for this vital segment of logistics, and I am looking forward to a lively and interesting discussion with attendees and panellists.”

Nick Smith, Fund Manager for AIPUT, commented: "With an easing of the COVID-19 lockdown hopefully on the horizon, the time is right for an industry discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the UK air freight sector as it gets used to life outside the European Union. Air freight-related businesses have had to adapt swiftly to the unprecedented challenges faced by aviation in the face of the COVID pandemic. However, both government and industry need to take a strategic approach in seeking ways to reinforce our competitive strengths, ensuring the UK not only retains, but enhances its status as a leading global air freight hub in the years to come."

If you would like to register to attend this FREE webinar, please click here.


Published On: 18/02/2021 17:00:57


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