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DfT launches new unit to tackle shipping emissions

The government set up a new office last week (10 March 2022) dedicated to pioneering new technology that could make journeys by sea as carbon neutral as they were hundreds of years ago.


With £206 million of new funding, UK SHORE will accelerate research into the development of clean maritime technologies and create skilled jobs across the country.

It is expected that thousands of ships, cruises and vessels will become greener and cleaner, thanks to the new investment to support zero emission sailing and skilled maritime jobs, as part of the government’s shipbuilding strategy.


Known as the UK Shipping Office for Reducing Emissions (UK SHORE), this will be the government’s first office dedicated solely to making maritime greener, and will be housed within the Department for Transport (DfT).

As part of its comprehensive research and development programmes, UK SHORE will host a Clean Maritime Demonstration Competition (CMDC), and will work in partnership with industry to tackle supply and demand issues with shipbuilding and help build greener vessels, from leisure boats to tankers.


The unit will also help develop the infrastructure needed to enable zero emission technologies and the physical infrastructure needed to power these new-age vessels. The programme will cover a broad range of technologies including hydrogen, electric and ammonia.

The government expects that UK SHORE funding will relaunch manufacturing hotspots across the UK, creating new skilled jobs and opportunities and helping to level up local economies.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps MP, said: “I want UK SHORE to take the industry back to the future. The age of the sail was the first green maritime age; new technology will bring us to a second green age.

“And as we turn the tide for green shipping, I can’t wait to see thousands of new jobs created around the country too – from masterful shipbuilding to the high-tech sailors of tomorrow.”


Announcing the new funding in Southampton docks last week (10 March 2022), Maritime Minister Robert Courts MP, said: “This is the biggest single investment in green shipping in the past hundred years and is a further demonstration that the government is committed to working with the sector to develop the green shipping technologies of tomorrow.”

The funding boost is designed to further the government’s aim to wipe out carbon emissions from transport and for all vessels to be zero emission by 2050.

Alexandra Herdman, Public Policy Manager, Logistics UK, said: “Domestic shipping contributes up to 5% of UK transport emissions, and its decarbonisation has the potential to significantly reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide and fine particulate matter.  

“Logistics UK welcomes this extra £206 million from government to fund research and innovation into decarbonising the maritime sector and we look forward to working with UK SHORE to help it make sea freight journeys greener and cleaner.”


Published On: 17/03/2022 16:00:53


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