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A proven framework for navigating electric vehicle adoption

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As fuel costs continue to rise and sustainable business practices gain prominence, the shift towards adopting electric vehicles (EVs) for organisational fleets is on an upward trend.

However, for logistics professionals encountering this innovative fleet solution for the first time, deciding which charging technologies and services to select can be daunting. 

In response, Equans has released a whitepaper that offers a clearer path to navigate this transformative shift in fleet management.  

Barrier-to-solution approach 

Drawing on over a decade of industry expertise, the whitepaper adopts a barrier-to-solution approach. 

It addresses the common questions and obstacles faced by logistics fleet operations, such as how to gain internal buy-in for EV adoption, the considerations required for designing an appropriate charging solution, and how to pilot the necessary operational and organisational changes to make EV charging a triumph. 

Some of the key recommendations the whitepaper suggests include:  

  • Completing a comprehensive financial analysis to realise the true total cost of ownership for an electric fleet. 

  • Creating a strategic EV integration plan that covers organisational adjustments, infrastructure development, fleet management and training needs.  

  • Adopting transparent communication and assigning ‘EV champions’ to illuminate the long-term benefits of EVs to internal stakeholders which align with environmental and operational gains. 

Backed by Equans’ more than 10 years of industry expertise, this whitepaper delivers critical insights logistics operators need to transition to EVs confidently and effectively. 

Delivering Decarbonisation event - best practice session 

In addition to providing a comprehensive guide for EV adoption, Equans is also sponsoring the Logistics UK Delivering Decarbonisation event on 21 November.  

Dee Humphries, Equans’ EV Solutions Director, will speak in a best practice session about crafting an EV adoption strategy following the framework outlined in the whitepaper. 

With this strategic, yet adaptable, approach towards fleet management, Equans is not only solidifying the position of businesses that adopt EVs, but also shaping a promising and eco-responsible future for the global transportation industry. 

To download Equans’ whitepaper, visit: https://www.equans.co.uk/ev-fleet-transition-whitepaper 

Published On: 16/11/2023 16:00:00


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