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Biffa Waste Services achieves Earned Recognition accreditation

Biffa Waste Services, one of the UK’s leading waste management companies and a longstanding Logistics UK member, has recently been awarded Earned Recognition status by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

The Earned Recognition accreditation rewards businesses which meet the highest operator, driver and vehicle standards on Britain’s roads.


Before being awarded the accreditation, Biffa was subjected to stringent pre-validation checks, followed by a suite of audits, to ensure all protocols and procedures were being followed and in place, and that the required exacting standards are adhered to across the board. All of the company’s eight operator licences have been entered into the scheme.

Biffa used three services provided by Logistics UK that assisted with the provision of the necessary evidence and support for accreditation: Logistics UK’s Vision system to provide drivers’ hours KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), its Vehicle Inspection Service, plus it commissioned Logistics UK to undertake the final, qualifying suite of audits.


Receiving the Earned Recognition accreditation means that Biffa joins a select group of fewer than 100 operators who belong to the scheme, including fellow Logistics UK members BT, DHL, John Lewis, Wincanton and Stagecoach.

“Earned Recognition is an extremely high standard for compliant Operators to achieve,” said Mark Forster, Biffa’s Head of Fleet Compliance,and is one that is recognised by the Traffic Commissioners and enforcement bodies alike”. 


Forster said his experience of working with DVSA was a collaborative one, with the agency offering guidance and support to help the business through the exacting and stringent requirements.

“It soon becomes apparent that you are working in a professional partnership with them to achieve the same goals,” Forster said.


Forster believes that the accreditation supports the company’s leading position in its approach to health and safety within the waste industry.

“Being awarded Earned Recognition status fits into our wider strategic ambition to be a good corporate citizen,” he said, “supporting our people and the communities we work in. We place a huge amount of value on driver safety and have run several initiatives in this area.

“As a final comment, I would certainly recommend that other operators look into and achieve this accreditation.”


Phil Breen, National Account Manager for Earned Recognition from DVSA, is certainly impressed by Biffa’s commitment to safety.

“DVSA’s priority is to protect everyone from unsafe drivers and vehicles,” he said. “We’re glad to have Biffa on board, they’ve shown themselves to be an exemplary operator and will continue to provide the data to show they’re sticking to it.

“With more firms proving they meet the standard of Earned Recognition; we can focus our enforcement efforts on the non-compliant operators who compete with those hardworking compliant businesses. This ultimately contributes to Britain’s roads being among the safest in the world. Earned Recognition is an opportunity for operators to receive great benefits as well as play their part in road safety.”


Published On: 10/12/2020 16:00:11


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