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NOVUS helps Logistics UK members recruit the business leaders of tomorrow

Logistics UK members are turning to NOVUS to help them to recruit the talent they need to manage the increasingly sophisticated supply chains of the future.

Operating under the umbrella of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT), the not-for-profit NOVUS organisation is a partnership between major companies across a wide range of business sectors that recognises the need to reinvent the way in which the supply chain profession finds and prepares its future leaders.

With a presence in seven leading UK universities, NOVUS courses focus specifically on the discipline of supply chain management. NOVUS Lite, designed for courses relevant to the logistics sector, takes in courses in data analytics, project management, transport management and more.

The benefits for both the sponsor companies and the students are impressive. Sponsors get the skills that they will need to manage their supply chains by recruiting graduates specifically prepared to enter the logistics sector. Students that sign up for NOVUS will receive paid summer work, a paid third year placement, a company mentor and guaranteed graduate employment with one of its sponsor companies.

Here we hear from just three recent NOVUS graduates.


“Are you determined to get the most out of your time at university? Are you excited by the thought of having the opportunity to get a prestigious placement in your third year? Do you want to enhance your knowledge about Logistics and Supply Chain Management? Would you like to build rapport with professionals and get the latest insights about the industry before your graduation? If your answer to these questions is yes – NOVUS is the programme to choose!

“After joining the programme, I was invited to NOVUS Careers Fair where NOVUS partners introduced many impressive placement and graduate schemes opportunities. It was also the place where I first learned about a very interesting Process Engineering placement offered by my future employer, Kuehne+Nagel. Working in one of the Kuehne+Nagel’s Logistics Control Centres, I was part of Integrated Logistics business unit. It was a great opportunity to learn about Digital Control Tower, Kuehne+Nagel’s 4th party logistics solution that helps plan and manage end-to-end supply chains for customers of various industries. It was a fascinating journey through which I joined different teams, worked on many exciting projects for our customers and learned a lot about Process Engineering, Operations Management and Project Management.

“If you want to be at the heart of digital revolution of today addressing some of the most complex issues in our society, Logistics and Supply Chain Management field is paved with innovation, challenge and complex problem-solving. To achieve success, drive and passion is not enough. You want to be surrounded by great partners and I believe NOVUS is one of them.”


“Logistics was a huge draw to someone like me, because of its connection to countless other business professions. In my last year of college, I had no idea how to specialise my generic business knowledge, but logistics and supply chain management just stood out to me, and rightfully so. The NOVUS scheme serves to amplify this effect by providing the opportunity to network with members of our profession who would otherwise be out of the reach of an undergraduate student. After working on the front lines for Morrisons Supermarkets in an incredibly tough placement year, I have a profound appreciation for these contacts. I have seen people and processes work way above their usual limits, which can only be a result of the resilience that our profession takes pride in. Looking back on this, my ambition for the future is to be a leader in a business that treasures the people that keep it going in tough times. I am adamant that I can achieve this with open-mindedness, planning and humility in the face of adversity. If you enjoy being a people person, detailed planner, action taker or innovative thinker, then I have no doubt that NOVUS and the logistics industry can help you thrive. All you need to do is grab the opportunity!”


“All throughout school, I had an affinity for maths. The practical application of it always came to me much more easily than any other subject. However, as I advanced through school, it became obvious to me that the theoretical side just wasn’t interesting to me, so I started to look for sectors where I could maintain my link to maths in a real-world context. That’s when I stumbled across a course entitled ‘Logistics and Supply Chain Management’. Within the day, I knew that that was the course for me!

“When it came to thinking about placements, my lecturer recommended the NOVUS scheme, and I am so thankful he did! My year with Arla has quite honestly been the most amazing, educational year of my life. I was hired to be the Supply Planning placement student, and during the year, I have focused on developing my analytical skillset. In my first few months, I went from barely knowing how to use Excel to being able to produce several vital dashboards in Power BI surrounding bridging service gaps.

“One of the main draws of Arla as a placement organisation, in my opinion, is the structure of the year. The first nine months, you spend in your hired role, but, in the final three months, you can go anywhere in the company that you can find a place. I chose to step outside of logistics and join the marketing team. This has given me so much perspective of just how critical each part of a business is. A company is like an enormous clock; it only works if all the little cogs mesh together. This year at Arla has given me the space and flexibility to discover where I fit in that clock.

“I can honestly say that being part of NOVUS has not only furthered my career, but it’s made me excited for it to start!”


Bethany Windsor, Operators Manager for NOVUS, is always keen to hear from companies interested in becoming a sponsor of the scheme. She said: “Plenty of Logistics UK members have already signed up to sponsor the NOVUS scheme, including Kuehne+Nagel, Culina Logistics, Wincanton, Arla Foods and Gist, to name but five. If you would like to enquire about becoming a business sponsor, NOVUS is always interested in hearing from logistics, transport, manufacturing and retail companies that are committed to inspiring the next generation of supply chain professionals.”


Published On: 08/07/2021 16:00:43


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